Don’t Ignore Pain

Getting gas in your car when the light comes on.

Changing the oil after you’re alerted to by your dashboard light.

Both of those are things that we do most of, if not all of, the time. We’re alerted to a problem that needs fixing by a warning system. We know to address these problems and fix them otherwise a lot more long-term damage can be done to the car if we don’t.

Fortunately for us all, our body comes with its own similar warning system. At the core, thats what pain is. You see, pain is a signal that your body is telling you that there’s an underlying problem. Whether it’s chest pain telling you that you have a heart problem, an arm pain telling you that you have a broken arm, or a back pain telling you that you have a spinal problem, that pain is a signal. It’s no different than the dashboard light in your car flashing at you.

The thing about pain is that it should be addressed when it’s in its mildest form. Don’t let it go, as the underlying issue can grow and become a bigger problem that requires a longer and tougher fix.

One of the worst things you can do as a “fix” is take pain pills, even over the counter ones, to be pain-free. At that point, all you’ve done is cover up the symptom, or the warning light, and ignore why that signal or warning is there in the first place. On your car, when the get gas light comes on, you don’t put a piece of tape over the light and keep driving like the problem isn’t there, do you? By covering up the symptom/pain, and feeling “better”, you’re significantly running the risk of doing even more and prolonged damage to yourself underneath it all.

So pay attention to what your body tells you. As soon as you feel that something is not quite right, that’s when its best to get checked out. If your pain signal is a neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, or headache, please don’t hesitate to contact me at my Monroeville/Penn Hills Chiropractor office.

–┬áDr. Brent Shealer — Pittsburgh, Monroeville, Penn Hills Chiropractor

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