Easy Ways to Get Exercise While at Work

One common complaint that I hear in my Monroeville Chiropractor office is that people simply don’t have time to exercise. Finding time to exercise is a challenge for us all. We all lead busy lives and take care of so many other things and people, while somewhat sacrificing our own well-being.

I feel that’s true for all of us to a certain point. This blog post though isn’t about how to make changes and prioritize yourself a bit higher, it’s about a few simple things that you can do with your schedule as it already exists to increase your fitness level.

As a Penn Hills Chiropractor, I am always mentioning these little tips to patients:

1.    Get rid of that chair you sit on for the bulk of the day and use an exercise ball. It will greatly increase your core strength and improve your posture.
2.    If you sit in a cubicle or an office for the majority of the day and make a lot of phone calls, have little ankle and hand weights. Use them while you’re on the phone. Strap on the ankle weights and do leg lifts while you’re sitting there. Do some dumbbell curls while on the phone.
3.    Even if you didn’t have a balance ball for a chair, you can do gluteal squeezes while sitting at your desk. You can perform these every hour or two or you can stand up and stretch and do some squats or lunges.
4.    Ditch the elevator and start taking the stairs more often. Start at once a day and work your way up to using the stairs exclusively.
5.    Pass on that parking spot right next to the door and park further away. The little extra walk to your building would be good for you.
6.    One of the easiest ways to add more steps into your workday is to walk to your colleague’s office for discussions rather than calling them on the phone.

These activities not only help you to tone up and become lean, but they are great as stress relievers as well. Consider asking some work colleagues to form a noontime walking group so that you guys can get in a few laps around the office building or block to help with stress management as well as getting in some daily exercise.

When you set your mind to it, you can easily increase your fitness levels. This way, if you end up working late on any given day, you don’t have to feel as defeated about missing that gym class you had wanted to go to because you had already been working out in various other ways during the day at work. They also work great as stress relievers. Its key to burn off as much stress as you can.

— Dr. Brent Shealer  – Pittsburgh, Monroeville, Penn Hills Chiropractor

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