Lebron’s declaration may be reason enough to try the NormaTec Recovery Pulse System.

Of course, at Shealer Chiropractic we are equally impressed that top athletes in almost every sport are using NormaTec’s dynamic compression therapy to help in recovery between workouts, reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation.

NormaTec’s state-of-the art device uses compressed air to massage your limbs, and its pulsing action not only feels great, it stimulates increased blood flow to accelerate your body’s removal of the metabolic waste caused by exercise. Peace out, lactic acid.

While a sports massage is combines pleasure and pain, at Shealer Chiropractic we’ll make your NormaTec experience pure pleasure. You can have your treatment lying in one of our amazing, relaxing, zero-gravity chairs. Sessions are $1/minute or 30 mins for $25. Time well spent.

You can take our word for it, or you can take LeBron’s. “I’m always open to things that can help,” Lebron says. “I started using it, my legs started feeling better and I didn’t stop. I started taking it on the road and everything. I mean, I think it’s awesome.”

Normatec is not just for sports recovery!

It’s effective with any sore legs, especially if your job requires you to stand or sit for prolonged periods.