Please take a moment to check out and support some of our favorite Wellness Partners!

Massage Therapy:

I’ve worked with Rogella at for years and I’m beyond happy that she’s able have office hours here to help our patients. I strongly recommend her for massages. Simply click the link above and set up your appointment!


Jeremy is our go to when it comes to any nutritional advice, plans, and support. He’s super knowledgeable and his common-sense approach to nutrition is beyond parallel.


Erchonia is the company that makes the low-level laser that I use for therapy in my office. I chose them because, quite simply, they’re the best and our patients deserve the best. They have over 15 FDA clearances for use of their lasers, most importantly for us is treatment of chronic pain and inflammation.

Kinesiology Tape:

Dr. Brent exclusively uses Rocktape as his preferred therapeutic kinesiology tape. He is an FMT Level 1 Certified Practioner. He’s currently the only Chiropractor in all of the Eastern Suburbs of Allegheny County, including Monroeville and Penn Hills, to have this level of certification to expertly provide and apply Rocktape kinesiology tape.

Primary Care Provider:

Darlene Ursiny is who I highly recommend for your primary care needs. In fact, I recommend her so much, I go to her!
Give her a call at 412-522-6639


We all hope we don’t end up here, but if one has to, go to Dr. Bonaroti. He’s at Forbes Hospital and I can’t recommend him any higher.

Strong Mind:

As a member of American Mensa, Dr. Brent believes that a strong and healthy mind is just as important to a quality life as a strong body. We exercise our bodies a lot, so why not exercise our minds too? Take a look at some of the free Mind Games on the American Mensa web site and exercise your mind!

Humor Therapy:

Laughter is the best medicine right? Well this site is one of my daily reads and all of you local Western PA and Pittsburgh folks should definitely check it out!