I have been coming to see Dr. Brent since October 2011, and just after a few adjustments he had me feeling better than ever. I was experiencing severe back pain mostly in my lower back and my hips also were giving me a lot of pain. I can now work every day and not experience the pain that I used to when I would bend over to grab something. Since I work as a CNA I am always moving around, I am glad now that I can do that without pain. When I started coming to see Dr. Brent he had told me that my spine needed some adjusting and that my hips were off. I would come to see him a couple days a week and since then has helped me so much. I am now seeing him every month for a normal checkup. I am glad that I came to Dr. Brent and I will continue to come monthly for my normal adjustments.
–Alex H. – Penn Hills, PA

     I have been experiencing pain in my legs, middle back and lower buttocks for about 2 years now. Having this pain interferes with me doing my everyday routines like walking and standing for long periods of time. I was referred to Dr. Brent by my niece, who has been seeing him for a couple of years. When I went for my first visit we talked about my past and he had told me that my pain was because my pelvis was out of place. He had recommended that I come in for adjustments a couple times a week. Chiropractic care is helping me more than anything, I experience less pain now whenever I walk or stand. I also have more back strength then I had before. I am glad that I was recommended to Dr. Brent and I will continue to come in for normal adjustments a couple times a week.

–Kim W. – Penn Hills, PA

     I first came into the office around the end of August 2007. My back would go out frequently, especially under stress. It was very difficult to sit in a chair for any length of time to work. My doctor had prescribed muscle relaxers for the pain. Thankfully I met Dr. Brent at a wellness fair at work. When I came into the office he said that my bones were out of place causing stress along my lower back. Since I’ve been coming into the office I do not feel pain and am able to work out and golf without fear. I recommend Dr. Brent very much. He is fair and exhibits concern for his patients.
–Fred M. – Pittsburgh, PA

I met Dr. Brent through a Health Benefits Fair at my work. I’m very glad I went, because I had been having pain through the left side of my neck and into my shoulder, as well as occasional headaches. By the end of my work day, the soreness really hindered and limited my movements. I took Dr. Brent up on his free consultation offer, and while we were going over the x-rays, he explained to me that the curvature of my neck was the complete opposite of what it should be. No wonder I was in pain! Dr. Brent made sure that I understood what was wrong, and thoroughly went over my specific treatment plan to correct my problem. I appreciated that he took the time to explain the details – you don’t find that in many doctor’s offices today. Because of the adjustments that I have been receiving, I have not had any headaches in a very long time, and my movement has dramatically improved. The pain throughout my neck and shoulder is gone, and I am very pleased with my results!
–Kelly B. – Pittsburgh, PA

It really is something, waking up and doing every day activities with no pain. I don’t have to worry about “over doing” things anymore, thanks to Dr. Brent. I was at Curves one day, and he was doing a Health Expo; I decided that I would give Chiropractic a chance. A few years ago, I was in a car accident, and the doctor at the time diagnosed me with cervical and lumbar sprain. I completed a care regimen prior to coming to see Dr. Brent, which granted me limited movement – any slight improvement was better than what I was feeling at that point! I just wasn’t satisfied with the results, though, as I wanted not just to function, but I wanted to function without pain. I was very appreciative that Dr. Brent explained my problems and treatment schedule to me, because it gave me hope that I would get better…and I have! I am very pleased with my results – I have had very few flare-ups, and can do every day activities that I enjoy again, like gardening, without having a set back. Thank you Dr. Brent!
–Dawn M. – Penn Hills, PA

 When I first came to see Dr. Brent I was having a lot of pain in my lower back for a few months. I don’t know how long the pain was there, but it seemed like it was there for a long time. I work at a hair salon and due to the pain, I was having trouble standing and walking for long periods of time. I didn’t see any other doctor for the pain but thankfully Dr. Brent is a customer at the salon I work for and I asked him about the pain I was having so he gave me his card. When I came in he told me my left hip was out of place. Since I have been coming I have no more back pain and I can stand and walk without any problems. Dr. Brent and his staff are wonderful to be around and make for a good office visit.
–Angela B. – Monroeville, PA

Everyone has had a headache or two in their lifetime, right? Well, for me, it was four or five times – a month! To make matters worse, I didn’t just get headaches, I got migraines. Not only did this affect my production at work, but it just plain hurt. After years of suffering from the debilitating pain they caused, I went to my family doctor, who put me on prescription migraine medication. While this seemed to ease the pain, I wanted an alternative to popping a pill; I wanted something more permanent. Someone suggested Chiropractic to me, and I was lucky enough to find Dr. Brent in my insurance directory. After the initial consultation and x-rays, he told me that my nerves were being pressed on from my spine being out of place. It’s been a few months now, and the results are incredible! The adjustments are definitely a better and more permanent solution for me than any medication was. I may have one headache a month now, and I feel great! Thanks, Dr. Brent!
–Kelly L. – Monroeville, PA

My condition involved misalignment of the upper spine in addition to an inverted curvature of the neck. The start of this condition is undeterminable but mostly years if not a decade. I had always endured limited motion of the neck in addition to generalized pain and excessive cracking sounds. My generalist doctor thought the pain was due to common soreness from studying, reading, and positioning at a computer. Thankfully, a current patient highly recommended Dr. Brent. He saw that I have an inverted curvature of the neck, gradual rotation of the vertebrate to the right and general displacement of the vertebrate in my upper back. Additionally my first vertebrate of the spine was in contact with my skull causing headaches. Since I’ve been under Chiropractic care I have minimal pain, increased movement of the neck, improved posture and overall elation during treatment schedule. Dr. Brent’s practice has most likely prevented future medical expenses that relate to prolong bone and muscle displacement.
— Jason G. – Pittsburgh, PA

As a nurse, I tend to spend most of my day on my feet. This turned out to be a real problem when I started having knee and foot pain. For two years, I suffered through my days, not knowing how to solve the problem of these pains! At times, the pain at the end of the day was so bad that I couldn’t help but cry. I eventually went to an orthopedic surgeon, a podiatrist, and even a rheumatologist, all of whom suggested to me one solution I was not prepared to hear: surgery. Now, I know I have osteoarthritis in my knees and feet, and torn meniscus on both side of my right knee, but surgery was just too drastic of a solution to me. I mentioned to a friend what was going on, and she recommended that I go see a chiropractor. She was a patient of Dr. Brent’s so I decided it was worth time. Dr. Brent confirmed that what the orthopedists told me was correct, yet offered a different, far less radical solution to help me. I have been coming to see Dr. Brent for over six months now, and during this time, the pain at the end of my days has subsided considerably. I am able to walk for longer distances now without experiencing knee and foot pain. Thank you, Dr. Brent!
— Diane M. – Pittsburgh, PA

I had pain in my back which was affecting my posture, and I was finding it difficult to walk up stairs.  Day by day, I was discovering normal activities like lifting a case of soda, or a bag of dog food, were becoming increasingly strenuous, almost impossible, even!  I went to my doctor to see if he could help, or at least figure out what was wrong, but he offered no solution to my pain, and gave me no answers.  In late October, Dr. Brent held a Health Fair at my work place, which opened the door to my recovery.  I decided that it was worth my time to see if Dr. Brent could offer me any solutions to the pain I was having.  I had my first visit, and found out that my spine was misaligned.  Dr. Brent explained to me that the misalignments were causing the pain in my back.  After three or four month of treatments, my life returned to normal!  I can again lift groceries from the car, walk up stairs, and lift things without pain.  I am now on a monthly schedule, and look forward to each visit.  The preventative maintenance care is well worth the time.

— Rich N. – Monroeville, PA

The impact was terrible – I had gotten into a car accident!  I went to the Emergency Room, just in case, and the doctor there diagnosed me with whiplash and gave me a prescription for medication.  For a few weeks following the accident, I took over-the-counter medicine to try to control the pain from my headaches.  Then I met Dr. Brent, who was doing a health fair at my church.  I had never even thought to discuss my injuries with a Chiropractor, but was interested in finding out how Chiropractic could help me.  I took them up on the free consultation, and came into the office for neck, arm, and back pain.  The unique approach that Dr. Brent uses made me feel at ease immediately.  He said that I had whiplash, and that my spine was out of alignment, which was damage done from the car accident.  Now, the results weren’t immediate, but with injuries like mine, who could expect them to be?  Today, only 2 months later, I am walking out of Dr. Brent’s office with excellent results. I have nearly no headaches, and rarely use any type of medication. I will not soon forget how he helped me feel better, but also how much I actually enjoyed coming to my appointments.
— Karen L. — Monroeville, PA

When I met Dr. Brent through a Health Fair at my work, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!  I had been having pains in my arms, and found it difficult to raise them above my head.  This put quite a damper on my daily activities.  Not only would the pain wake me up during the night, but it would make my days at work very hard.  My doctor told me that I had tendonitis, and had prescribed some exercises that didn’t help me, so I decided that it would be worth my while to get the free consultation with Dr. Brent.  He told me that my spine was out of line, and suggested that I come in for adjustments.  I took his advice, and am so glad that I did!  It’s now only a few months later, and I have no pain – ever!  I can sleep through the night, lift my arms above my head, and stand and bend with no pain, thanks to Dr. Brent.  I feel ten years younger now!
— Donna A – Penn Hills, PA